All Thermal Inspection Services

What Is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is a non-invasive way to identify and diagnose potential problems before they cause any serious damage to your property.

Thermal Imaging has a variety of uses, including:

  • Detecting Electrical Faults
  • Finding moisture in insulation, roof and walls - internal and external
  • Detecting mould conditions & badly insulated areas
  • Sourcing air leaks
  • Visualising energy losses
  • Locating under-floor heating faults, including installation errors
  • Locating above-ground leaks in flat roofs, walls, windows and pipes etc
  • Detecting construction failures
  • Equine / Veterinary diagnosis
  • ...and more!
What are the advantages of Thermal Imaging?

Because we use Infra Red and Thermal Imaging technology, there's no need to damage or dismantle at the time of inspection!

That means repairs are cheaper and in the case of plants and equipment, the expected downtime is much less.

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Certified with the AINDT in Infrared Thermagraphic Testing in accordance with AS3998-2006/ISO 9712:2005